A letter from the desk of
Delegate Karrie Delaney

“The 2018 regular session of the General Assembly is about to begin, and your views are important. By filling out this survey, you will help us serve you better in Richmond.
Please feel free to contact me at any time to express your concerns or for assistance with our state government. I am here to help you.”

Contact info for Karrie Delaney:

Email: delkdelaney@house.virginia.gov   Phone: 804-698-1067

Facebook: /DelaneyforDelegate   Twitter: @KarrieKDelaney


Please complete the following:
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1.  What are the three most important issues facing the General Assembly this year?
Please check three:
2.  What are your priorities for state funding?
3.  To improve our education system, I support:
Check all that apply:
4.  Do you support funding full day kindergarten programs?
5.  Some people have proposed additional user fees (i.e. tolls) to make up for lack of revenue in transportation. Which of the following would you support:
Check all that apply:
6.  Please indicate whether you support or oppose the following health care initiatives:
Repeal the law that requires women’s health centers to meet hospital standards
Repeal the law that requires an ultrasound prior to an abortion
Pass a law that states the use of FDA-approved birth control will not be treated as an abortion
Expand Medicaid to cover approximately 400,000 uninsured Virginians using federal funds
Establishing a state health insurance exchange for Virginia rather than participating in the federal exchange
Affordable access to healthcare
Increase the tax on cigarettes to pay Medicaid-related costs
Increase the amount of time a person may be detained against his or her will for mental health treatment
Increase funding to help fight opioid addiction
7.  In your opinion, the best way to help jump-start Virginia’s economy would be:
8.  Please indicate whether you support or oppose the following voting initiatives:
Repeal the law requiring photo identification to vote
Allow anyone over the age of 65 to vote in-person absentee
Allow everyone to vote early for the two weeks preceding the election
Extend evening voting hours from 7PM to 8PM
Increase funding to allow localities to purchase new voting machines
9.  Virginia recently had its congressional districts invalidated by a Federal court because of gerrymandering. Several states have created non-partisan or bipartisan commissions to draw districts. Do you believe Virginia should follow?