A letter from the desk of
Delegate Danica Roem

“The General Assembly is in session and your views are very important to me. By filling out this survey, you will help me serve you better in Richmond. Please do not hesitate to contact my office to share your views or request my assistance on your behalf with state agencies. Thank you for the opportunity to represent you.”

Contact info for Danica Roem

Email: deldroem@house.virginia.gov  Phone: 804-698-1013

Facebook: /danicafordelegate Twitter: @pwcdanica

Please complete the following:
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1.  What are the three most important issues facing the General Assembly this year?
Check three.
2.  To improve our education system, I support:
Check all that apply:
3.   In your opinion, the best way to help jump-start Virginia’s economy would be:
4. Indicate whether you support or oppose the following:
Requiring local and state police to attempt to verify citizenship of all who are arrested and to hold undocumented immigrants for federal authorities
Requiring local and state police to attempt to verify citizenship ONLY of those accused or convicted of violent crimes and then notify federal authorities of undocumented immigrants
Requiring all businesses with state contracts to use the E-Verify system, which verifies the immigration status of all potential employees
Immigration is a federal responsibility—local and state police should not be required to enforce federal immigration laws
Allowing undocumented children who have lived for at least three years, graduated from a Virginia high school, been accepted by an institution of higher education, whose family has paid Virginia income taxes, and is in the process of becoming a permanent resident of the U.S., to receive in-state tuition in the Commonwealth
5.  Please indicate whether you support or oppose the following voting initiatives:
Repeal the law requiring photo identification to vote
Allow anyone over the age of 65 to vote in-person absentee
Allow everyone to vote early for the two weeks preceding the election
Extend evening voting hours from 7PM to 8PM
Increase funding to allow localities to purchase new voting machines
6.  What are your priorities for state funding?
7.  Some people have proposed additional user fees (i.e. tolls) to make up for lack of revenue in transportation. Which of the following would you support: 
Check all that apply:
8.  Many states are passing laws to help working families. Which of the following would you support?
Check all that apply:
9.  Do you support funding full day kindergarten programs?