2016 Constituent Survey


Delegate Peter F. Farrell

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1.  Do you believe state government has a role to play in incentivizing job creation through the use of tax credits and economic development incentives?

2.  Charter schools are unique public schools that operate under a specific charter. They are given more flexibility to innovate while still being held accountable for advancing student achievement. They are open to all children, do not charge tuition, and do not have special entrance requirements. Virginia has only nine charter schools, while New York has over 200. Do you support or oppose a constitutional amendment to encourage the creation of more charter schools in Virginia?

3.  Some elected officials advocate expanding early childhood education in Virginia by offering universal Pre-K to all children through Virginia’s public schools, which they say improves long-term educational and economic outcomes. Others argue universal Pre-K offers little tangible benefit and would increase class sizes, force local school divisions to take on debt in order to build new classrooms and cost the state nearly $600 million per year. Which of the following best describes your view on early childhood education in Virginia?

4.  Do you support or oppose efforts to expand state “Tuition Assistance Grants” to Virginia students who attend private colleges and universities? Tuition assistance grants are awarded to Virginia residents who attend accredited private colleges in Virginia like Liberty University or the University of Richmond.  The maximum grant size is $3,100.

5.  In order to provide healthcare services in Virginia, a provider must obtain a “Certificate of Public Need” from the state. This is a lengthy regulatory process with significant costs. Some argue that COPN should be reformed in order to make healthcare more of a free market, which they say would lower costs and expand access. Others argue the COPN process is necessary to control costs, ensure the quality of care and protect the financial viability of hospitals. Which of the following best describes your position?

6.  Under Virginia law, law enforcement may seize property related to criminal activity, even if the owner has not yet been convicted of a crime. Some have argued that Virginia should reform its asset forfeiture laws to make it more difficult for law enforcement to seize private property in order to protect the rights of citizens. Do you support or oppose efforts to reform Virginia’s asset forfeiture laws?

7.  Do you support or oppose legislation overturning Governor McAuliffe’s executive order banning law-abiding citizens from carrying firearms in state buildings?