2016 Legislative Survey


Delegate David Bulova

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 1. Virginia's budget for the 2016-2018 biennium will be adopted this year. The state is expecting an increase in revenue. What are your priorities?
Choose up to three.

2. Should Virginia expand its Medicaid program to provide health insurance to up to 400,000 individuals, with the understanding that the federal government will pay a minimum of 90% of the cost?

3. The Governor has proposed several economic growth initiatives, including reducing the corporate income tax from 6% to 5.75%. This will result in a revenue loss of $64 million. 44 states levy these taxes, which range from 4.53% to 12%. Do you support the proposal to reduce the corporate income tax?

4a. The Commonwealth Transportation Board is moving forward with a plan to toll I-66 inside the Beltway. What is your opinion on the proposal based on what you currently know?

4b.  Several bills have been introduced that require changes to the proposed I-66 plan. Would you support tolls on I-66 inside the Beltway under the following circumstances?

Please leave blank for "I don't know".

Tolls only apply to completely  separate new lanes (similar to Express Lanes on I-495).

Tolls apply to existing lanes.  However, only single drivers are tolled (HOV-2 is still free) and revenue goes only to constructing new lanes.

5. The Attorney General recently revoked recognition of concealed handgun permits for several other states because they didn't meet Virginia's standards. This is a requirement of existing law. What best describes your position?

6.   The federal government now requires registration of privately owned unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). Many states are taking additional steps to restrict the use of drones. Which proposals would you support?
Choose all that apply.
7. Do you support or oppose the following?
Please leave blank for "Don't know".
Allow the Virginia Board of Education to approve a local charter school application over the objections of the local school board.

Allow localities to impose a plastic bag tax to reduce litter.

Eliminate the Car Tax and replace it with a local-option gas tax.
Allow a court appointed marriage celebrant to refuse to perform a civil marriage ceremony based on his/her religious beliefs.
Decriminalize personal use of marijuana similar to the law in DC.
Reduce the number of standardized tests required for high school graduation.

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