Delegate Peter Farrell's
2015 Legislative Survey

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1. Virginia is a “right to work” state which means that no employee can be forced to join a union or pay union dues in order to get or keep a job. Do you support or oppose “right to work” laws?

2. Last year, the General Assembly adopted significant reforms to Virginia’s Standards of Learning (SOL) tests, reducing the number of SOL tests that students in grades 3-8 must take from 22 to 17 tests.  High school students are required to take 12 SOL tests in order to graduate. Do you think the General Assembly should reduce the number of SOL tests for high school students, similar to the reduction applied to grades 3-8?

3. Other states have adopted legislation creating “Parental Education Savings Accounts.” These optional accounts allow parents to use a portion of their child’s share of state funding for educational purposes, including tuition at a private or charter school, hire a tutor, enroll their child in online classes or save for college. Would you support or oppose the creation of Parental Education Savings Accounts in Virginia?

4. Virginia does not allow local school boards to start school before Labor Day, with limited exceptions in certain localities.  Some contend this helps accommodate businesses to hire students as summer employees and increases late-summer tourism.  Do you support giving school boards the ability to begin classes before Labor Day and set their own academic calendars?

5. Do you support or oppose mandatory reporting policies that require college administrators to report all allegations of rape and sexual assault to law enforcement, even if the victim chooses not to press charges?

6. Should all Virginia law enforcement officers be required to wear body cameras while on patrol?

7. Currently, Virginia does not allow early voting but does have absentee voting, both in-person and by mail. Early voting does not require a reason, but absentee voting does. Some have proposed early voting as a way to ease lines at the polls on Election Day and increase voter participation. Opponents argue that there is no indication early voting increase participation and that the costs of early voting, plus the challenges of keeping the votes secure for a long period of time do not make it worthwhile. Do you support or oppose early voting in Virginia?