2018 Legislative Survey 


Delegate Steven Heretick


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1.  Do you support using state tax funds to pay down or pay off the tolls on the Midtown and Downtown tunnels?
2. Do you support allowing individual localities to decide whether to keep, relocate, or remove war memorials and monuments, including those memorializing the Confederacy?
3.  Do you support expanding Medicaid coverage in Virginia to working families who are unable to get health insurance through their employer or the Affordable Care Act marketplace?
4.  Do you support banning “bump-fire” stocks or other mechanisms that assist firearms in firing more rapidly?
5.  Do you support expanding universal background checks for all firearm transfers, including transfers between friends and family? (Existing law only requires background checks for those purchasing firearms from a licensed dealer)
6.  Do you support legalization of marijuana for medical treatment as prescribed by a licensed doctor?
7.  Do you support legalization of marijuana for adult recreational use?
8.  Do you support laws protecting LGBT employees from being discriminated against in the workforce because of their sexual orientation?
9.  Do you support legislation allowing private business owners to refuse service to customers based upon religious objections?
10.  Do you support prohibiting local school boards from spending state funds designated specifically to raise pay for teachers and aides on administrative staff or other projects?
11.  Do you support eliminating the current rate freeze for Dominion customers and authorizing the State Corporation Commission to decide when to raise and lower electric rates?
12. Do you support efforts to allow statewide implementation of the 5G Wireless Network to upgrade our wireless service and make Virginia more competitive in attracting economic development?
13.  Do you support efforts to allow localities to place taxes on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu?