2016 Legislative Survey
Delegate Steve Landes

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1. From the following list of issues, which issue do you believe should be the top priority of the Virginia House of Delegates?
Please rank your responses 1 = Highest Priority, 8 = Lowest Priority.
Highest Priority
Lowest Priority
Creating jobs and improving the economy
Making higher education more affordable and accessible
Improving transportation
Improving health care
Improving K-12 education
Cutting wasteful government spending
Holding the line against higher taxes
Fighting ObamaCare and federal government overreach
2.  What core services provided by state government are most important to you?  
Please rank your responses.  1 = Highest Priority, and 6 = Lowest Priority.
Highest Priority
Lowest Priority
Fostering jobs and economic development
Supporting K-12 schools and higher education
Keeping Virginians safe from crime
Providing health care and other services for those in need
Strengthening Virginia’s transportation system
Protecting the environment

3.  Virginia continues to face budget constraints due to sequestration and federal tax increases. How do you believe the General Assembly should address such budgetary constraints? 

Please rank your responses. 1 = First Course of Action, and 4 = Last Resort.
First Course of Action
Last Resort
Raise general or statewide taxes (sales, income, gas, and/or personal property)
Increase specific fees to cover the actual cost of providing certain government services
Cut government spending
Streamline government programs and services

4.  Last year, the General Assembly adopted significant reforms to Virginia’s Standards of Learning (SOL) tests, reducing the number of SOL tests that students in grades 3-8 must take from 22 to 17 tests and creating a pathway for additional reforms that will promote problem-solving and critical thinking. Do you think the SOLs need additional reform?

Check all that apply.

5.  School choice refers to the idea that parents and children should have a variety of traditional and non-traditional educational options available to ensure that each student’s learning experience helps them meet their full potential. Which of the following school choice options do you support?

6.  Of the following options, how do you think the General Assembly should address the rising cost of higher education?

Check all that apply.
7.  Do you support or oppose Medicaid Expansion in Virginia? While expansion would enroll up to 400,000 currently uninsured Virginians in Medicaid, it could cost the Commonwealth of Virginia over $1 billion per year, forcing cuts to other key services like education, mental health and public safety.
8.  Do you support or oppose efforts to provide additional funding for Virginia’s healthcare safety net, such as free clinics and mobile health stations?
9.  Do you believe that all state agencies and programs should be periodically reviewed to determine their efficiency, effectiveness and usefulness?
10.  Should voters have the option to register by political party (Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc.)?
11. Do you support mining for and using coal to provide affordable and reliable electricity?

12.  Please prioritize the following veterans' issues in the order you think they should be addressed by the General Assembly.

Please rank your responses.  1 = Highest Priority, and 4 = Lowest Priority.
Highest Priority
Lowest Priority
Veteran’s transition programs and employment opportunities
Veteran’s healthcare
Veteran’s homelessness
Veteran’s education and job training