2018 Constituent Survey


Delegate Brenda Pogge


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The following are important public policy issues which may be considered by the General Assembly during the 2018 Legislative Session.  Your opinion is very important to me, so please take a few moments to let me know where you stand on these important issues. 

Priorities, Spending & Taxes

1. What core services provided by state government are most important to you?
Please rank your responses. 1 = Highest Priority, and 6 = Lowest Priority.
Highest Priority
Lowest Priority
Fostering jobs and economic development
Supporting K-12 schools and higher education
Keeping Virginians safe from crime
Providing health care and other services for those in need
Strengthening Virginia’s transportation system
Protecting the environment
2.  Virginia continues to face budget constraints due to sequestration and federal tax increases. How do you believe the General Assembly should address such budgetary constraints?
Please rank your responses. 1 = First Course of Action, and 5 = Last Resort.
First Course of Action
Last Resort
Raise General or Statewide Taxes (sales, income, business and/or gas)
Increase Specific Fees to Cover the Actual Cost of Providing Certain Government Services
Cut Government Spending
Streamline Government Programs and Services
Generate new revenue by strengthening economic development services

K-12 Education

3.  Virginia spends about $16 billion per year on K-12 education, or about $11,000 per student per year. The state graduation rate is over 90%, school accreditation was up 10% from last year, and Virginia ranks in the top 10 in four out of five major national rankings. Do you think Virginia invests too much, not enough, or about the right amount in its public school system?
4.  Would you support or oppose legislation to allow teachers licensed in other states to teach in Virginia on a temporary basis until they can obtain licensure here, as part of an effort to hire more teachers and reduce teacher shortages?

Higher Education

5.  Of the following options, how do you think the General Assembly should address the rising cost of higher education? 
Check all that apply:


6.  Do you support or oppose Medicaid Expansion in Virginia? While expansion would enroll up to 400,000 currently uninsured Virginians in Medicaid, it could cost the Commonwealth of Virginia over $1 billion per year, forcing cuts to other key services like education, mental health and public safety.

Government Reform

7.  Do you support or oppose legislation prohibiting the major credit agencies from charging consumers to freeze their credit report? Most agencies charge a small fee if a consumer wants to freeze or lock their credit report after suspected identity theft.


8.  In 2015, Virginia adopted a law freezing base electricity rates and preventing state regulators from reviewing the earnings for power companies. This law was meant to keep electricity rates down, but critics say it has not been effective and power companies may be earning too much. Supporters say the law provides stability for customers and keeps costs down in the face of regulatory uncertainty. Do you support or oppose repealing this law?

Business Environment

9.  Virginia has limited resources to spur economic growth and job creation across the state and, therefore, must prioritize spending to get the best possible result. How would you prioritize spending public dollars to encourage more economic development and job growth? 
Please rank your responses. 1 = Highest Priority, and 5 = Lowest Priority.
Highest Priority
Lowest Priority
Grant taxpayer incentives to attract and retain companies that create jobs
Build new infrastructure, such as roads, sites, and buildings, to attract new companies
Invest in workforce training to ensure Virginia has skilled workers to fill jobs
Provide incentives to localities to work together to foster economic growth
Do not believe the state should invest taxpayer money in economic development

Criminal Justice, Public Safety & Privacy

10.  Under Virginia law, law enforcement may seize property related to criminal activity, even if the owner has not yet been convicted of a crime. Some have argued that Virginia should reform its asset forfeiture laws to make it more difficult for law enforcement to seize private property in order to protect the rights of citizens. Do you support or oppose efforts to reform Virginia’s asset forfeiture laws?
11.  Political rights include the right to vote, serve on a jury, run for public office, and serve as a notary public. When an individual is convicted of a felony, they automatically lose their political rights. Which of the following best reflects your view on restoring rights for convicted felons?


12.  Virginia is home to more than 780,000 veterans who have served our country. It is important that we support these veterans and their families. Listed below are some of the most important veteran initiatives that the General Assembly will consider this year. Please prioritize the following veteran issues in the order that you think they should be addressed by the General Assembly?
Please rank your responses. 1 = Highest Priority and 5 = Lowest Priority.
Highest Priority
Lowest Priority
Veterans’ Entrepreneur Grant Program (assist veterans to establish small businesses)
Veterans’ health care services through Virginia Veteran and Family Support Services (formally called the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program)
Update Virginia National Guard state income tax subtraction from $3,000 to $5,000
Promote development of secure procedures for submission of electronic ballots by overseas military votes
Grant in-state tuition to members of the Virginia National Guard/Reserve Components with duty station in Virginia