2016 Legislative Survey


Delegate Rip Sullivan

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1. Do you support Virginia taking a more active role in combating climate change?

2. Do you support proposals granting counties, cities, and towns additional authority to regulate the sale of guns?

3. Do you support religious freedom legislation that allows government employees to refuse to perform their duties? Issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, for example.

4. Do you support legislation that would make it easier to register to vote, vote early, vote absentee, and vote on Election Day?

5. If you could enact one policy today, what would it be?

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6. What are the three most Important issues facing the General Assembly this year?
Check three.
7. To reduce gun violence, which of the following do you support?
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8. Indicate whether you support or oppose the following: 


Repealing the “Marriage Amendment” that defines marriage as being only between a man and a woman. 

Law(s) to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in state and local employment. 

Law(s) to prohibit discrimination in employment by all private businesses. 

Adding sexual orientation to the existing Hate Crimes Law which provides enhanced sentencing for targeting minorities as victims of a crime. 

Law to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in adoption and foster care policies. 

9. Virginia is one of only two states that does not allow felons the automatic restoration of voting rights. Do you believe Virginia should allow non-violent felons that have served their time the right to vote? 

10. Virginia has had a moratorium on the practice of uranium mining since 1982. Do you believe the General Assembly should lift this ban?

11. Please indicate whether you support or oppose the following voting initiatives:

Repeal the law require a photo identification to vote.
Allow anyone over the age of 65 to vote in-person absentee.
Allow everyone to vote early for the two weeks preceding the election.
Extend voting hours from 7PM to 8PM.
Increase funding to allow localities to purchase new voting machines.

12. Virginia recently had its congressional districts invalidated by a Federal court because of gerrymandering.  Several states have created non-partisan or bipartisan commissions to draw districts.  Do you believe Virginia should follow?

13. Virginia’s budget for the 2016-2018 fiscal biennium will be written this year.  We are expecting an increase in revenue. What would be your top three priorities for additional spending?