2017 Constituent Survey


Delegate Randall J. Minchew

The General Assembly will be in session this year from January 11 – February 25, 2017. As your views are important to me and can be helpful as I represent you in Richmond, I hope you will take a few minutes to complete the survey below.  There will be an opportunity to offer comments at the end.  As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns or questions at Randy@DelegateRandyMinchew.com. I look forward to serving you.
 -Delegate Randy Minchew

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1.  The General Assembly will be considering amendments to the previously adopted 2016-2018 budget this session. What budget-related matters are most important to you?
Please rank your responses 1 = Highest Priority, 9 = Lowest Priority
Highest Priority
Lowest Priority
Fostering job-creation and economic development
Improving roads in our region
Expanding transit opportunities in our region
Providing additional state funding for public K-12 education
Providing additional state funding for public universities and community colleges
Providing additional state funding for parkland acquisition and open space preservation
Providing more assistance for people living in poverty
Avoiding tax increases
Reducing government spending
2. School choice refers to the idea that parents and children should have a variety of traditional and non-traditional educational options available to ensure that each student’s learning experience helps them meet their full potential. Which of the following school choice options do you support?
Check all that apply.
3.  Of the following options, how do you think the General Assembly should address the rising cost of higher education? [Check all that apply.]
4. Which of the following best describes your view on early childhood education in Virginia?
5. In 2012, the General Assembly created a program that allowed businesses to claim a tax credit in exchange for helping fund scholarships to private schools for underserved students.  Do you support or oppose expanding this initiative to provide underserved students with access to private early childhood education opportunities?
6 . Existing state law provides that the State Corporation Commission (SCC) shall approve any requested toll increases on the Dulles Greenway.  Should this law be amended to allow the SCC greater discretion in the review and approval of these increases?
7. As chair of the House of Delegates Ethics Subcommittee, I have worked to put into place a number of reforms to Virginia’s transparency, disclosure and ethics laws. Those reforms include creating a $100 gift cap, creating a statewide ethics advisory commission, requiring more frequent disclosures, requiring all disclosure forms to be posted online, and requiring mandatory ethics training for elected officials.  Which of the following do you believe?
8.  Would you support legislation making it easier for felons who claim they were wrongly convicted to present new evidence on appeal?
9.  Would you support or oppose tougher penalties on repeat domestic violence offenders?
10.  Legislation may be considered this session which would automatically restore voting rights to persons who have been convicted of non-violent crimes and have both completed their prison sentences and paid any required fines.  Should the law be changed in this way?
11.  In recent years, Virginia has experienced a rise in opiate substance abuse and related criminal offenses. Drug courts are special courts designed to reduce substance abuse among nonviolent offenders through judicially supervised treatment, mandatory periodic drug testing, community supervision, and use of appropriate sanctions and rehabilitation services.  Would you support or oppose legislation to expand drug courts in Virginia?
12. Currently, Virginia voters do not register by political party. Legislation may be considered this session to allow voters in Virginia to register by political party if they choose to do so.  Allowing registration by party could allow for state-run primary elections to be restricted to only registered party voters.  Should the law be changed to allow for political party registration? 
13.  Do you support the exploration of natural gas and oil off the coastal water areas of Virginia?  
14.  Do you support providing state funding for research on alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, and biomass?
15.  Does your public street or a nearby road need maintenance?  If so, please identify the street or road by name and general area below, giving an indication of the current issue.  While I cannot promise immediate attention, I will make certain that VDOT evaluates the situation.  
16.  Please use this space to expand on any answers given above or to share thoughts on other issues of particular concern to you that could be addressed by the General Assembly.