2020 Pre-Session Survey
Delegate Danny Marshall


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Criminal Justice, Public Safety and Privacy

1.  Democrats will introduce a number of bills that would restrict the Second Amendment. Which, if any, of these measures would you support?
Choose "Yes" or "No".
“Red Flag” laws allowing police and other law enforcement to take firearms from those judged to be dangerous to themselves or others.
Universal background checks for any gun transaction between any two people, regardless of location or relationship.
Ban on “assault weapons” such as modern sporting rifles and common semiautomatic handguns.
Require a background check for any sale of a firearm by a private seller, commonly referred to as the “gun show loophole.”


2. In 2019, Democrats introduced legislation that would allow for legal abortion until the very moment of birth. Despite a national outcry against the legislation, Democrats have said they will introduce the bill again in 2020. Do you support, or oppose this legislation? 


3.  Casino gambling is not currently legal in Virginia, but recently there have been proposals to change existing law and establish casinos in several economically distressed localities. Proponents of casino gambling point to the potential for economic development and increased state revenue that could be used to fund core government services, such as education or transportation. Opponents contend casino gambling enables addictive behavior and the risks would outweigh any potential benefit. Would you support a casino in Danville?

Independent Redistricting

4.  One of the fundamental responsibilities of the legislature following the national census every ten years is to redraw legislative district lines, commonly referred to as redistricting. Last year the General Assembly passed a constitutional amendment that would create nonpartisan and independent redistricting commission, and ban the use of race and political preferences in the consideration of new lines. The Amendment has to pass the Legislature this year to go to the voters. Do you support or oppose this amendment creating a nonpartisan redistricting process in Virginia?

Business Environment

5.  Virginia has a “Right to Work” law that prohibits employers from requiring employees to join a union and pay union dues as a condition of employment. Supporters of this law contend that this law is one of the reasons Virginia is regarded as one of the best states for business. Opponents of this law suggest that it is anti-union and discourages employee organization. Do you support or oppose Virginia’s Right to Work law?
6.  Virginia has consistently ranked well by business publications, such as CNBC, Forbes, and Site Selection, for its business friendliness. These publications have cited Virginia’s relatively low taxes, competitive energy costs, reasonable regulations, and assets, such as the Port of Virginia, proximity to Washington, D.C., and quality workforce, as reasons Virginia is viewed so positively. How important to you are Virginia’s efforts to remain one of the best states for business? 


7.  Some Virginia Democrats are proposing that Virginia repeal its photo identification law that requires people to show a photo ID before voting? Do you support or oppose repealing Virginia’s voter ID law?
8.  Currently, Virginia does not allow early voting but does have absentee voting, both in person and by mail. Early voting does not require a reason, but absentee voting does. Some have proposed early voting as a way to ease lines at the polls on Election Day and increase voter participation. Opponents argue that there is no indication early voting increases participation and that the costs of early voting, plus the challenges of keeping the votes secure for a long period of time, do not make it worthwhile. Do you support or oppose early voting in Virginia?

LGBT Rights

9.  Do you support or oppose laws to protect gay or transgender individuals from discrimination?

Controlled Substances

10.  There will be a bill in the 2020 Session dealing with marijuana.
Please answer "Yes" or "No" or "Not sure".
YesNoNot Sure
Full legalization of marijuana like 11 states have passed
Decriminalization for small amounts with the penalty being a ticket similar to parking ticket
Leave marijuana illegal, with some medicinal exceptions, as is the current law in Virginia
11.  Legislation has been introduced to place a moratorium on the production and use of fossil fuels in Virginia, even affordable and clean sources of energy like natural gas. Do you support or oppose banning the use of fossil fuels in the Commonwealth?
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