2017 Constituent Survey


Delegate Timothy D. Hugo

The following are important public policy issues that may be considered by the General Assembly during the 2017 Legislative Session.  Your opinion is very important to me, so please take a few moments to let me know where you stand on these important issues.  If you are undecided on an issue, feel free to leave it blank and should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at DelTHugo@house.virginia.gov.

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1.  I strive to keep the citizens of the 40th District updated on important activities such as road closures/construction, community activities, etc. Whether it is through email, social media, phone calls, or letters, I try to maintain a constant communication with my constituents. With that being said, how can I improve on Constituent Services, and are there any issues in your neighborhood that you would like for me to address? Please share your thoughts using the space provided.
2.  From the following list of issues, which issue do you believe should be the top priority of the Virginia House of Delegates?
Please rank your responses 1 = Highest Priority, 9 = Lowest Priority
Highest Priority
Lowest Priority
Creating jobs and improving the economy
Making higher education more affordable and accessible
Improving transportation
Improving health care
Improving K-12 education
Cutting wasteful government spending
Holding the line against higher taxes
Fighting ObamaCare and federal government overreach
Protecting the Environment
3.  Virginia continues to face budget constraints due to sequestration and federal tax increases. How do you believe the General Assembly should address such budgetary constraints?
Please rank your responses. 1 = First Course of Action, and 4 = Last Resort.
First Course of Action
Last Resort
Raise general or statewide taxes (sales, income, business and/or gas)
Increase specific fees to cover the actual cost of providing certain government services
Cut government spending
Streamline government programs and services
4.  Would you say that you pay too much in Virginia taxes, about the right amount or too little?
5.  Virginia’s Medicaid program is the fastest growing part of the state budget, having grown by 1600% in the last 30 years, and now accounts for over 20% of all state General Fund spending. While expansion could enroll up to 400,000 currently uninsured Virginians in Medicaid, it could cost the Commonwealth of Virginia over $1 billion per year, forcing cuts to other key services like education, mental health and public safety. Do you support or oppose expanding ObamaCare in Virginia?
6.  The Virginia State Health Commissioner has recently declared that the Commonwealth is experiencing a public health emergency in regards to heroin/opioid addiction.  Between 2007 and 2015, there were 4,036 heroin/opioid-related deaths, in Virginia alone. This problem is associated, in part, by the over-prescribing of painkiller medication, which can be easily abused or disposed of improperly. How do you believe Virginia should address the heroin/opioid crisis?
7.  Virginia spends about $16 billion per year on K-12 education, or about $11,000 per student per year. The state graduation rate is over 90%, school accreditation was up 10% from last year and Virginia ranks in the top 10 in four out of five major national rankings. Do you think Virginia invests too much, not enough or about the right amount in its public school system?
8.  Currently, some in-state public colleges and universities admit up to 40% out-of-state students. Do you believe Virginia’s public colleges and universities should be required to admit at least 75% Virginia students?
9.  Currently, state universities provides tens of millions of dollars in tuition assistance to undergraduate out-of-state students. Regarding public institutions of higher education, do you support or oppose your tax dollars being used for tuition assistance for undergraduate out-of-state students?
10.  Of the following options, how do you think the General Assembly should address the rising cost of higher education?
Check all that apply.
11.  Do you support the exploration of natural gas and oil off the coastal water areas of Virginia?
12.  Do you believe Virginia should continue to expand its usage of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and biomass?
13.  Virginia is home to more than 800,000 veterans who have served our country. It is important that we support these veterans and their families. Listed below are some of the most important veteran initiatives that the General Assembly will consider this year. Please prioritize the following veteran issues in the order that you think they should be addressed by the General Assembly.
Please rank your responses. 1 = Highest Priority and 4 = Lowest Priority.
Highest Priority
Lowest Priority
Veterans’ Transition programs and employment opportunities
Veterans’ healthcare through Virginia Veteran and Family Support Services (Formally called the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program)
Veterans’ education and job training
Increase funding for Department of Veteran Services Benefits Services Staff (Claims Agents for Veterans Administration Claim Submissions)
14.  The current law in Virginia allows first-trimester abortions, restricts performing second-trimester abortions only to licensed hospitals, and only allows third-trimester abortions in cases when it is necessary to save the life of the mother. Would you say that Virginia’s laws regarding abortion are too restrictive, not restrictive enough, or appropriately restrictive?
15.  There is substantial evidence that unborn children are capable of feeling pain 20 weeks into a pregnancy. Do you believe that the General Assembly should enact legislation prohibiting the abortion of unborn children who are capable of feeling pain?
16.  If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please describe them below.