Delegate Bobby Orrock's 
2017 Pre-Session Survey

Your opinion is very important to me, so please take a few moments to let me know where you stand on these important issues which may be considered by the General Assembly during the 2017 Legislative Session. If you are undecided on an issue, feel free to leave it blank. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call me at the General Assembly at  (804) 698-1054, or at my District Office at (540) 891-1322. You may also email me at

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1.     What core services provided by state government are most important to you?  [Please rank your responses. 1 = Highest Priority, and 6 = Lowest Priority.]
Please rank your responses 1 = Highest Priority, 6 = Lowest Priority
Highest Priority
Lowest Priority
Encouraging job growth and economic development
Supporting K-12 Schools and Higher Education
Keeping Virginians Safe from Crime
Providing Health Care and Other Services for Those in Need
Strengthening Virginia’s Transportation System
Protecting the Environment
2.     Individuals convicted of a felony automatically lose their rights to vote, serve on a jury, run for office, and become a notary public. These rights are not automatically restored once the felon’s sentence is complete. Currently only Governors can restore felons’ rights under Virginia law and do so solely at their discretion. Do you support amending the Virginia Constitution to establish a permanent and consistent framework for restoring felons’ rights?
3.     Virginia does not allow local school boards to start school before Labor Day, with limited exceptions in certain localities. Some think this helps businesses that hire students as summer employees and increases late-summer tourism. Do you support giving School Boards the ability to set their own academic calendars and begin classes before Labor Day?
4.     Do you support or oppose allowing home schooled children to participate in public school sports programs?
5. Should the children of illegal immigrants living in Virginia, who have been here for more than five years, graduated from high school, been accepted to a state university and plan to apply for permanent residency be allowed to receive in-state tuition?
6.     Article V of the U. S. Constitution allows two-thirds of state legislatures to call a “Convention of the States” to amend the Federal Constitution.  Some legislators are pushing for a Convention of States to enact limits on federal authority and spending.  Do you support or oppose such a convention?
7.     Do you support or oppose legislation overturning Governor McAuliffe’s Executive Order banning law-abiding citizens from carrying firearms in state buildings?
8.    Do you support the exploration of natural gas and oil off the coastal waters of Virginia?
9.     Most Virginia transportation projects are partially-funded by a sales tax on gasoline. With lower gas prices recently, that tax brings in about 25% less than expected. While current projects are funded, future plans could be impacted if the shortfall continues. Do you support or oppose raising the gas tax to meet the original spending plans for transportation?
10.     Are you, or is someone in your household, an active-duty member of the armed services, a    reservist, a member of the National Guard, or a veteran?
11.     Would you like to receive email updates from Delegate Orrock focused on General Assembly news that impacts the area?
12.     Would you like to be included in Delegate Orrock’s tele-town halls, where constituents can join a scheduled telephone conference call at no charge to receive updates from Delegate Orrock and to ask questions?