Pre-Session Survey for Delegate David Bulova

Dear Constituent,

 Your input is very important to me. 
Please take a few moments to share your thoughts on issues that are likely to be debated during the 2020 General Assembly.
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1.  What are your top priorities for action by the General Assembly this year?
Choose up to three.
2.  The Governor has proposed to eliminate Virginia's vehicle safety inspection program, arguing that there is no link between inspections and highway safety. Other groups cite State Police data indicating that 20% of vehicles fail inspection for safety reasons. Would you support eliminating the inspection program?
3.  As vehicles become more fuel efficient, gas tax revenue is projected to decrease. The gas tax is the primary source of funding for transportation. To keep pace with infrastructure and maintenance needs, the Governor has proposed an increase of 4¢ per year for the next three years. Would you support this or a similar proposal?
4.  The General Assembly is considering legislation to allow up to five cities (none in Northern Virginia) to establish casinos if authorized by local public referendum. Would you support allowing these casinos?
5.  Based on your current knowledge, would you support repeal of Virginia's "right-to-work" law?
6.  Virginia's cigarette tax of 30¢ per pack is the second-lowest in the nation. The average tax rate is $1.70. Would you support increasing Virginia's tax to 60¢ per pack? Revenue would be dedicated to health care services.
7.  Would you support a 5¢ tax per plastic bag to encourage non-plastic alternatives and fund water quality and recycling efforts?
8.  The General Assembly will consider several gun safety proposals. Do you support or oppose the following?
Require criminal background checks on all firearm sales and transactions.
Ban assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines. Current owners would be grandfathered.
Reinstate the one-handgun-per-month law.
Require lost/stolen firearms to be reported to police within 24 hours. Violators would be subject to a civil penalty.
Implement a "red flag law" that allows a court to temporarily remove firearms if a person exhibits dangerous behavior.
Allow local governments to limit or ban firearms in public buildings or at permitted events.
9.  Legislation has been introduced to require local governments to allow two-family residential structures (for example, duplexes) on property zoned for single-family use. Localities could still regulate design standards. Would you support this legislation?
10.  What best describes your position on the death penalty?
11.  Would you support legislation requiring Virginia to transition to a 100% carbon-free electric grid by 2050?
12.  Should Virginia keep its parental notification requirement prior to a minor obtaining an abortion? Under existing law, notification may also include a grandparent or adult sibling living with the minor. A judge may excuse the notification requirement.
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