2019 Session Survey


Delegate Stephen E. Heretick


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1. Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states could require online retailers to collect and remit sales tax. Though many major online retailers, such as Walmart and Amazon, already voluntarily collect and remit state sales, many others do not. Do you support passing legislation that would require all online retailers to collect and remit sales tax?
2. Last year, Congress passed the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which made substantial changes to the federal tax code. Because of certain provisions in Virginia’s existing tax code, individuals could see a tax cut on their federal taxes, yet actually pay more in state taxes. Virginia could address this in several ways or simply collect the excess tax revenue.
Which one do you prefer?
3. Economic development deals like Amazon placing their HQ2 in Northern Virginia have been in the news recently. Some say that cash incentives and tax breaks, help companies like Amazon create jobs and increase state revenue; while others argue that it is handouts for corporations and hurt small business. Do you support or oppose state government incentivizing job creation using tax credits and economic development incentives?
4. Some states have taken steps to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. Supporters of legalization say it leads to increased revenue for state or local governments and to less people in prisons. While opponents say that clinical data has not proved marijuana’s safety and there aren’t adequate parameters to police its use (such as driving a vehicle). Do you believe that recreational marijuana should be legal for adults over 21 in Virginia?
5. Recently there has been a renewed push to pass the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Proponents of the ERA argue that it will abolish gender discrimination and will give women’s rights a clearly identified and direct legal basis in the Constitution. Opponents of the ERA argue that it will have unintended consequences such as taxpayer funding for abortions and the removal of certain benefits women currently enjoy. Do you support or oppose the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendments in Virginia?
6. Casino gambling is not currently legal in Virginia, but recently there have been proposals to change existing law and establish casinos in several economically-distressed localities. Proponents of casino gambling point to the potential for economic development and increased state revenue that could be used to fund core government services, such as education or transportation. Opponents contend casino gambling enables addictive behavior and the risks would outweigh any potential benefit.
Do you support Virginia allowing casino gambling?
7.  Pipelines for oil and gas are a controversial issue in Virginia. Supporters say it will increase jobs, increase safety in transporting oil and gas, and reduce electric bills. Opponents argue the risk to the environment, reduction of private land rights, and increasing the dependency on fossil fuels outweigh the benefits. Do you support allowing the construction of new pipelines in Virginia?
8.  What is the main issue you feel the General Assembly should focus on this year?